Code For Democracy

Jump In


Here's how you can jump in straight away:

  1. Introduce yourself to the #general channel in slack.  Something like: "Hi! I'm ___.  I ___ for my day job and am particularly interested in working on ___".  If you are a domain-expert (lawyer, doctor, etc.) please check out the #requestsforexpertise channel, and announce your available expertise there.
  2. Look for projects that are of interest to you and reach out to their leads.  Projects with 30 or more hours per week in backing are on the 1st page and are where you should look first; we are more impactful when our efforts are concentrated.  If you're super-passionate about a new project, socialize it and get some commitments! 
  3. Make sure you join your local CFD meetup:
  4. We have hack nights every Monday evening from 6pm onward online, centered around Slack. You can add to your google cal here, or create a Slack reminder with the '/remind me to hack for democracy at 6pm every Monday' command.  It's a great time to work in parallel on your project or to ask questions of project leads and organizers.
  5. Spread the word!  Social links below to the right.